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Transfers: Screen Print

Ready to press screen print transfers for your small business or a DIY project!

What is a screen print transfer?

Screen print transfers, which is also known as plastisol transfers, are a type of garment transfer that has been printed using plastisol inks onto a special release paper (transfer).  You will need a heat press for application. A home iron or Cricut Easy Press will not work as it won't allow the transfer to adhere properly to the garments. 

Screen print transfers can be used on multiple different fabrics; see below for application instructions and washing and care.

Application Instructions | Washing & Care

If using commercial heat press,

For 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester and cotton/poly blends:

Time: 7 seconds
Temperature: 325 degrees
Pressure: Medium/Heavy 6-8 (60-80 psi)
Peel: Hot (peel immediately)

    If using Cricut Auto Press:

    Time: 12 seconds
    Temperature: 350 degrees
    Pressure: Auto
    Peel: Give 2-3 seconds before Peel

      Caring for your heat transfer decorated garment is simple and if applied and cared for properly, will last the life of the garment. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours after pressing a garment to perform a wash / dry cycle.

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